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What is Reiki?
"Rei" means "Universal" and "Ki" (like "Chi") means "Energy". Reiki is life force energy. It flows through a person the way electricity flows through wires. This energy is often described by both the Reiki practitioner and the Reiki client as a tingly sensation that produces soothing warmth. Reiki is very relaxing, flowing through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms ....It has been some years now in which modern science has found that the entire universe , all matter as we know it , is made up of endless energy waves and frequencies moving through space. Reiki is a healing modality that gets in touch at that energy level in order to help the patient in healing and balancing their energy centers also known as the chakras. A person lies down comfortably, fully clothed, while the energy practitioner places her hands on or slightly above the body in specified areas. There can be massaging and or light tapping incorporated as well. It is a very pleasant experience.
Reiki can help with:
Emotional/Mental Issues
Recovery from illness or trauma
Career/Life Issues
Intimacy Issues
Headaches/Backaches and other assorted muscle strains
Cancer pain - emotional /physical

How was Reiki discovered?
1) Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui; 1865-1926 after a 21 Day Meditation on Mt. Kurama in Japan in the late 1800's.
2) One of the main foundations of Usui's teachings was what was called the 5 Principles. Focusing on just for today - in order to bring awareness to the present moment with the focus on here and now.
Just for today:
1. I am not angry
2. I am not worried
3. I am filled with gratitude
4. I devote myself to my work
5. I am kind to all people, animals and things

Service Details

Thank you for your inquiry. When we do a Reiki treatment together we connect and harmonize the energy flow within the physical and nonphysical layers of the 

human body arena. Balancing chakras is a major part since in order to open to the possibility of healing,  we need to vibrate at the frequency of healing...We 

work to bring into allignment that which allows a healing to take place. Together we move toward this expansion of possibility by clearing blocks, if necessary, in 

the 12 chakras. We work with the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the client. 

I have studied the Mikao Usui technique of Reiki , and work with all the sacred symbols including the powerful master symbol....

I would love to have a session with you. I ask for donations- therefore clients pay what they can honestly afford...I simply request the offer be over 20$ .  The 

first session usually lasts between 1-2 hours....If you are interested , we can set up an appointment by phone. Let me know if you would like me to call you or my 

phone # is 514-567-6573...I have opened very comfortable Reiki space and office at BLUE IS BLUE in Montreal, not far from St. Laurent and St-Denis streets....

Sending loving healing energy and looking forward to hearing from you,


Qualifications Details

Certified for Reiki Master Symbol at NHC -Natural Health Consultants in Montreal

BFA-Fine Arts- College of New Rochelle -New York

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