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About DO YOUR EGG meditations and inspiration

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DO YOUR EGG meditations and Inspirational Podcast classes, fun and more meditations. Artist Initutive Shae Vere takes us into ourselves, and to the outer reaches or our imagination. Great for Creative Spiritualists and other Seekers.

DO YOUR EGG is a Visualization based meditation program to CLEAR, CHARGE and UNRAVEL your ISSUES, put down ego control, release pain and anger, increase creative flow and intuitive abilities!

Get the 3 SET Cd and use the website as your GUIDE. Here I have laid out all the meditations STEP BY STEP easy

I want us all to feel better friends. As an Intuitive Artist or lets spell that SENSITIVE, all my life, I have searched for tools to help ME to feel better, to hear my own voice, have creative flow and expression and BALANCE in my life. A few years ago, while in meditation I asked for ways I could use my creativity for others. I wanted others to connect, feel and see their own beauty as I could see them. I started creating spirit portraits and deepened my own empathic abilities, seeing people on even deeper levels.

I wanted to give others TOOLS so they could FEEL BETTER TOO and expand their own abilities as I had, or FIND THEM! Out came all these DO YOUR EGG meditations given to me by Gaia Sophia's Dragon Personalities, but thats another story,( watch for book).

Using my Do Your Egg meditation tools, I and others have connected with harmony in our lives, healed stress and anger from the body, quieted the mind and reconnected spirit, aligned and experienced clearer communications! some even expanding their intuitive abilities and psychic experiences just as I had. whew! and look I am not a health professional I offer these as entertainment. I am quite sincere that I hope you will feel better, connect to your spirit and heal your 'bodies'. SO See your doctor etc if you feel you need to, Try them if it feels right to you! Love to You Shae xo

DO YOUR EGG energy exercises or meditations are for experienced and beginner meditators. You need some headphones as THETA and ALPHA sound waves have been added to these tracks. I myself, have found them really healing ,but as someone that has alwaysÕ spirit walked, the THETA in particular seems to unlock us from the body, REALLY it is the POWER of our OWN IMAGINATION. When the body is cleared of negative energy and patterns and is properly grounded we find our creative and intuitive STREAMS increase. I take us right to our HIGHER EXPERIENCES.

We work with body identity ISSUES with the EGG BASICS, GUT. Dont be fooled this is the TOUGH ONE where most of the UNRAVELING of our issues comes up.

It is TIME TO LIVE BY THE HEART we work with this heart flow energy, exercising our HEART VOICE and CALLING, putting love and heart into a very unbalanced world. We want our outer world to be in harmony as well, as lets put that energy OUT there. Tears and anger have both been experienced by people when doing these meditations. So notice WHAT COMES OUT and HOW YOU ARE FEELING IN YOUR OUTER LIFE. . I think Heart Calling and Voice, this practicing helps this process to move along, for our own lives, but also with the earth and with all of us.
STEP THREE We have cleared the body and ego control, let free our Heart and its song, NOW LETS EXPRESS ALL THAT WE HAVE CONNECTED with THE VOICE. Then we are taken into HIGHER EXPERIENCES ending with our ALIGNMENT of our HIGHER SELF or AVATAR body.

Sharing Shae's Artist and Intuitive Way to CLARITY and FEELING BETTER!

Self Help for the Awakened, the Partially Awakened and the Kinked .
Featuring Morning Meditations with Shae, a short spoken meditation with a daily focus. Supporting our first steps in the morning. Also sharing Shae's DO YOUR EGG classes and mini discussions.

'THIS MORNING WITH SHAE' recorded in the morning during my most connected and clear times. Related to all things in the 3D world, world and earth changes, puppet masters. ' Why the morning? because thats when things are most clear, BUT now that has all changed and it is almost anytime.' Shae


INTUITIVE ARTIST and Founder of Do Your Egg
Creator, Communicator and Spirit Walker
Laugh, Live Your Truth, Be' Love Shae

copyright Shae Vere 2011 Do Your Egg meditations.

Service Details

Intuitive Consultant.-helping you from both sides of the veil to figures out your steps. Helping you to listen to your own voice. Specialize in Creative Connections.
Meditation Coach
Intutiive Artist `offering Spirit Portraits

Qualifications Details

please see full resume or for my fine art portfolio and credentials.
Shae Vere is an honors graduate of photographic arts and multimedia. Also a Certified Lightworker. Shae is the recipient of 13 grants, awards for art collections and media projects.

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