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Pregnancy is a time of growth, not only for your child, but for yourself as a mother. Someday soon, as labour begins, you will travel from your ordinary life to the unknown world of labour, birth and new motherhood. Like everyone, you are probably wondering what your journey will hold.

Childbirth Prep: BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Childbirth Classes help you prepare for the journey, find a roadmap and fill your toolbox with helpful resources. You will gain information about the changes that will happen in your body, practice new techniques to deal with intensity, recognize your strengths in overcoming challenges and learn how to ask questions to make your best decisions. You will integrate your new knowledge and skills through engaging and innovative exercises. As BIRTHING FROM WITHIN mentors, we help you prepare to connect with your baby, your partner and yourself as mother.

Labour and Birth: Your labour doula will be your companion on the journey, providing calm, patience and positivity. She stays by your side throughout the entire labour, providing physical comfort, emotional support and encouragement.

After the birth: Your postpartum doula helps each of you (mom, babe and partner) adjust to being a family.

As a new mother: Mindful Mamas Circle helps you embrace your new life as a mother and Exploring Birth Art helps you integrate your birth experience.

As a Couple: Couple Enrichment helps couples build on the good things in their relationships and gain new skills to face and grow through the challenges we all face.


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