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About Healing Consciously Services

Healing Consciously is about becoming more aware of your body and any messages that it may be sending you. Finding the hidden source that manifest in your body as painful sensations, or disease are there for a reason. No message is an accident, therefore; all messages are full of purpose. To open your body - mind connection, and to discover that your journey can find peace once again is the reason for inquiring and 'digging deeper'. Accept, allow, and forgive is the way to healing.

Coral-Lei Schweigert
“As the survivor of a near fatal brain virus, I know how intricate and complex the body is, and its innate ability to heal itself. As a kinesiologist, I have learned about every muscle, joint, nerve and system to discover how interconnected these systems are when the body is out of balance. As I healed from my brain injury, I employed a series of self therapies that I believe have given me new insight into healing, and have transformed my practice.

I am on a mission to enhance peoples health, by showing them these simple but powerful techniques for self healing. Transforming lives, raising consciousness, and creating new paradigms is part of my overall mission. If we all strive for radiant health and self-realization, the world will be at peace and be One. I shall continue one soul, one body, one heart at a time”

Service Details


Are you suffering from chronic pain?
Are your symptoms getting worse with exercise?
Is nothing seem to be working?

Find out what many people are discovering...

Trigger Points are often the
TRUE cause of many unnecessary symptoms.
Learn about self-therapy that will stop the pain!

Massage Therapy Rates
Either deep massage with trigger point release or energetic:

1st session is 1.5 hrs = $100.00
(posture assessment included)
0.5 hours = $40.00
1 hour = $75.00
1.5 hours = $110.00
2 hours = $140.00

Mobile Massage Treatment Rates

$120.00 per hour or
Combo Package = $150.00
(The combo will include an hour massage and 1 hour training.)
Or Multiple Massages is $100.00 for the first one and extra massages are only $75.00.

Trigger Point Release with Ball Rolling, Yin Yoga and Core Connection Classes
Fridays 12:30–1:45PM
White Rock, BC
Call or text Coral-Lei @ 604-345-6545 or
email: healingconsciously@gmail.com to reserve a spot.

Personal Training

Personal training is an art of self-awareness, as it is a way to evolve the body-mind connection; just like yoga. The DNA transforms as we build up more muscle, hence more protein. What comes with training the body, is permanence, inside and out. Changing your environment is as simple as a thought, and/ or a protein. We all have the ability to change our DNA! These are facts, not just theories.

• Yoga postures
• Resistance Training
• Core stabilization

One-on-one, Couple, or Group Training Rates
1 on 1 = $70.00
couple = $85.00
group = $120.00

Qualifications Details

Some things I know and tools I use include;
Registered Kinesiologist of over 10 years with BC Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) and Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA), a self therapy coach, a personal trainer (fitness) and yoga practitioner.
I do deep tissue massage with trigger point yoga therapy. As an emotional intuitive and energetic facilitator I engage in:
Self-instructed Meditation
Spinal Alignment
Chakra Balancing
Aura Cleansing
Pain release

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