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About Breakthrough Wellness Centre

Alison L. Longley owner/operator of Breakthrough Wellness Centre is a wellness coach specializing in women's health issues, children and teens. As a former Drama and English teacher, Alison is very comfortable working with kids of all ages. She has specialty certifications in Hypno-fertility & Mind Body Fertility Connection, Hypnobirthing prenatal education, Pain Management & Hypno-Anesthesia, Time Line Protocol and Skilled Helper.

Struggling to find someone who listens and cares? Having difficulty navigating through lifeÕs challenges? Wondering if there is a better way to live with more meaning and wisdom? Searching for answers because nothing else has worked for you? Feeling alone, angry, anxious, stressed, unsure or hypersensitive? Need help with goal setting, Law of Attraction, finding inner peace, learning to meditate?

Find answers and explore solutions that work for you! Let go of negative and/or limiting thoughts, habits, beliefs, emotions, behaviour patterns and energy systems that sabotage your health, wellness and success! Connect with your inner wisdom and discover your authentic self!

Service Details

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), PSYCH-K, (Psychological Kinesiology), Hypnobirthing & Birth Bliss prenatal classes, Hypno-fertility and Mind-Body Fertility Connection, Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT energy healing) and Past Life regression.

Alison is a leader in integrated healing modalities and can help with all your health and wellness goals by formulating a unique action plan designed to suit your individual needs. Whether you have preference for a particular technique such as hypnotherapy or EFT, or a desire to try them all to see what you like best, Alison can help you with:
Infertility, weight/eating disorders, stress/anxiety, fears/phobias, stop smoking, nail biting, insomnia, bed wetting, cancer treatment support, chronic pain/migraines, meditation techniques, self-confidence, public speaking, performance enhancement at work, school and sports, anger management, relationship issues and so much more!

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