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About MBS consulting Naturopath Therapies

Restore vitality and well-being without side effects based on quantum science.

MBS Consulting Anthony A. Fodor

Offering a wide range of unique therapies and programs for conditions of :

overall wellness, stress, insomnia, depression,
toxic condition, bronchitis, cold and smokers cough,
low energy levels, weight management,
muscle and joint pain etc.

This unique therapies are highly effective and affordable.

Personal wellness consultation and holistic herbology.
Assessments: fingernails, iridology, vital electricity,
pH, and bioenergetic, face and tongue chart analysis.

E;mail info@mbsconsultant.net

Web www.mbsconsultant.net

Phone (403) 590-9956

Service Details

Therapies offered for physical and emotional conditions.

They are non-medical complementary therapies based on quantum science.

Scenar therapy for muscle and joint pain.
acoustic- brainwave and color light therapy for many different physical and emotional issues.

Rife frequency therapy for toxic conditions.
hypnotherapy/ guided meditation for specific needs.
Many form of unique energetic therapies.

Services in detail:

Bioenergetic, brainwave, vibrational, sound, crystal, color, music,
shiatsu, panic, reiki, vortex, magnetic,scenar, hypnotherapy, holistic health, reflexology, cupping, iridology, holistic herbal health and more.
Please see detailed info in website or give me a call please.

Qualifications Details

Anthony’s background:

Certified Alternative Therapist.
Medical Diagnostic Technician.
Personal and Wellness Consultant.

He also studied:
Vortex-Orgon Energy, Spiral and Magnetic-Bioenergetic.
Bio Resonance-Acoustics Sound.
Color and High-Frequency Crystal Therapy.

Anthony’s Therapies are Non Medical.
They are Naturopath Alternative Therapies based on quantum science.
For nearly three decades he has helped many people enjoy tremendous results.

Anthony’s early experience in the medical field dates back to 1978.
He was performing several functions in a traditional
medical environment such as Electrocardiographs, Acoustic & Video Diagnostic Imaging for a number of years in internal medicine hospital.
A background of 30 years of dedication in alternative therapy & research.

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