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About TerraMadre Health: Dr. Timothy L. Swift MA, ND

ND’s are high trained and educated professionals, trained as general practitioners and trained in complementary and alternative medicine modalities. ND’s have at least 8 years of university training. I have 15 years of higher education behind my practice.
We work within the tenets of Naturopathic medicine which are:

First, Do not Harm
Treat the Causes of Disease
Use the Healing power of Nature
Treat the Whole person
Doctor as Teacher

I work together with you to find solutions for pain, management of chronic disease and overall health.

If you have pain, our goal is it's elimination. If you have a health concern, our goal is to help you resolve that.

Service Details

Diet and Nutritional Counseling
Traditional Acupuncture
5 Elements Tradition Chinese Medicine
IV Cancer Treatments
Botanical Medicine
Biopuncture for pain management
Chiropractic Adjustments
Massage Therapy
Individual and Couples Therapy
Myofascial release acupuncture
Medical Diagnostics
Weight loss and eating program development
Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral therapies for fatigue, pain, chronic disease, migraines, hangovers, influenza and dehydration from the flu.

Qualifications Details

Naturopathic Doctorate CCNM-Toronto
Master's in Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy - Antioch University Seattle

LIcensed as Naturopathic Doctor - Ontario
Licensed in INtravenous Therapies - Ontario
LIcensed NAturopathic Physician - Arizona

Master's Additions Counselor

Speciality training in Addictions, Mental Health, Homelessness, HIV/AID, Comorbid DIsorders, Domestic Violence, Child Mental Health and Trauma

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