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About Kyouei Centre for Change

What we do:

We help our clients to live the best life that they can. We provide professional and caring mental health services to assist individuals with the challenges of life while exploring strategies for personal growth. Our approach: rooted in Emotion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and drawing on the efficacy of Mindfulness-based strategies. With careful awareness, we 'guide' the process of therapy, and help our clients integrate 'mind, body and spirit' so that they may manifest more happiness in their lives.

We further recognize that it is the relationship between the client and the counsellor that is the most important factor in facilitating this change.

You may be considering therapy in order to:

Feel better about yourself;

Bring more peace into your experience;

Connect more joyfully or easily others - especially with your spouse and family;

Identify stressors in your day-to-day and improve both mental and physical health;

Understand your own automatic thoughts, feelings, and responses better, reflecting on those that no longer serve or support you;

Identify your goals for therapy and learn new behaviours or ways of 'being' that support achieving your goals;

Understand yourself better while safely working through problems with a compassionate professional and speak freely about your concerns _ ultimately working towards greater awareness and self-mastery.

Benefits to our clients:

Many people seek counselling for a variety of reasons. In particular: to support a life in which you can more fully enjoy and participate in, as well as enjoyment of, and benefitting from the significant relationships in your life.

Our philosophy: that each client is unique, and our role is to understand the particular circumstances or issues that are troubling for each person. We work collaboratively with our clients to draw on their strengths and resources in order to cultivate positive change in their lives. We demonstrate this - first and foremost _ with 'evocative empathy' as well as compassion, flexibility, knowledge, and understanding. By guiding you and walking with you in the process, we help you shift your patterns of struggle to new, more meaningful patterns, experiencing more freedom and growth and empowerment.

Service Details

Individual (adults and couples) counselling, and group workshops.

Areas in which counselling may be helpful:

Assistance in making a life decision
Compulsive behaviour
Difficulty in making decisions
Emotional health
General feeling of being stuck
Grief and loss
Relationships - personal or professional
Self-esteem and confidence
Sleep disturbances
Suicidal thoughts

Individual Consultations:
Meet and assess your goals and objectives
Connect with your authentic self
Empower your being
Help you identify your skills and strengths

Group workshops:
Family Patterns Exploration
Communication Skills
Understanding the basics of Law of Attraction
Feng Shui basics
Dating and Relationships

Qualifications Details

MA in Counselling Psychology,
RCC #6636 (Registered Clinical Counsellor) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

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