Find diet specialists by region:

  • Dietitians

    Dieticians are trained, qualified and registered health practitioners who can advise on dietary issues.

  • Food Intolerances

    Food Intolerances are non allergic reactions to foods or groups of foods. A food intolerance specialist can help you manage and understand intolerances you may be experiencing.

  • Health Food Stores

    Health food stores can supply natural food products as well as natural supplements, herbs, drinks and medicines.

  • Health Food Suppliers

    Health food suppliers can provide Canadian businesses with a range of unique, local or organic foods and food products.

  • Nutritionists

    Nutritionists can give you information on how to improve your food intake, nutrition and diet.

  • Supplements

    Dietary supplements can be used to maintain a healthy level of nutrients and minerals that may be missing in your daily diet.

  • Vitamins

    Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of your diet. Having a clear understanding of where you may me missing out is extremely important for good health.