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About Ashley Charlebois, Dietary Consulting

Ashley is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Exercise Physiologist based in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in the dietary management of digestive health conditions, cardiovascular disease, and sports nutrition _ whether youÕre an elite athlete or just starting out. She also works with the general population to help them achieve their healthy living goals through proper nutrition and exercise.

How we treat our bodies greatly influences our health and general well-being. A proper diet, in combination with an active lifestyle, can help manage a multitude of health conditions. It can also fuel the body optimally for sport and everyday activities.

Enjoy life to the fullest _ improve your health and achieve your goals using the power of nutrition.

Service Details

Private Consultations

I can work with you face-to-face in an individual consultation. Consults can be done at my office, at a public location (e.g. a coffee shop), or from the comfort of your own home.

Online Consultations

I use a web-based nutrition management system called Nutrihand. This system allows you to keep an online diet log. Their database of 50,000 foods helps you track your macro and micro-nutrients. I will actively monitor your progress to see if youÕre meeting your nutritional requirements and getting closer to achieving your goals. Individual counseling will be done through web video conferencing or telephone and emails.

Group Seminars

Nutrition advice delivered in a group setting to your sports team, training clinic, focus group, or family about a topic of your choice. Seminar topics IÕve delivered in the past include: Sports Nutrition & Hydration, Stress-Busting Foods, Fueling your Everyday Activities through Nutrition, Dietary Management of IBS, Everyday Eating, Achieving your Weight Goals, Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Educational Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook healthy foods and the reason behind why these foods are beneficial to your health. Cooking class themes can vary from Easy Meals & Snacks for Athletes, to Cooking for Chronic Kidney Disease, and Heart-Healthy Foods. Although IÕm not a chef, I love to cook and am more than happy to educate you about how to eat healthy foods specific to your lifestyle or condition in a practical setting.

Grocery Shopping Tours

Do you feel overwhelmed when shopping for foods? I can deliver a grocery shopping tour at your local grocery store and educate you on how to make wise decisions for your health. Learn how to read labels, and what to look out for in different sections of the grocery store.

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