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About What Will We Eat?

I offer meal consulting or meal planning servcies. Specifically for families/people with food allergies, food intolerance's, or if they want to increase their Earth friendly meals (vegan/vegetarian)

My goal is to make cooking enjoyable and not stressful and for everyone in the family to enjoy their food.

I am creative in the kitchen and a recipe researcher. I help people with the practicality of having a food allergy or intolerance. I offer product suggestions, cooking tips, recipes, grocery lists, and support.

Service Details

Service options: Meal Consulting or Meal Planning Services

Meal Consulting

Unlimited amount of emails to ask away.

You want cooking tips?
Product suggestions?
How-to for cooking with kids with allergies/intolerance’s?
Support with the realities of life?

$20 for 6 months of meal consulting

Meal Planning Services

2 week free trial for meal planning services

All meal plan service options are:

customized to your personal preferences and needs
comes with cooking tips to make meals faster or cheaper
comes with kids tips for kid friendly versions
have a grocery list
you will have an unlimited number of support emails. If you have a question for me, need some tips or ideas, just email me. I’d love to help.


Flexible Plan:

Pay-as-you-go. Only $ 4 per week.

Maybe some weeks you don’t want any. There is no contract, you don’t pay in advance. I invoice you once every 2 weeks./4 weeks.


Regular Plan:

Regular monthly plan – 5 dinners a week. Pay in advance, $ 10 per month.


Transition Plan:

If you are wanting to transition to vegetarian/vegan or need to suddenly cut out gluten/allergen this plan is for you. This plan involves a detailed 2 week plan that includes all meals, snacks, and drink options. Loaded with important information to make your transition easier, simpler, and cheaper.

For 2 weeks – $25

Qualifications Details

I am vegan and my husband is vegetarian. My daughter has a dairy intolerance, and my son cannot digest dairy, wheat, or soy. Both kids eat meat. Creative meal planning is my life.

I am not a nutritionist or a dietitian. People who have serious medical concerns or want full day meal plans should consult a trained professional.

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