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About Dandelion Naturopathic

Are you searching for the new holistic in health care?


already do yoga / meditate
eat kale
trade quinoa recipes with your friends
are a savvy internet researcher
feel stuck with a physical or emotional health concern

You want a doctor who

can help you take your life to the next level, physically, emotionally
seeks out common roots to the varied physical and emotional symptoms you are experiencing
uses natural medicine to heal the symptoms
draws on extensive, evidence-based medical training to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective no matter what prescription drugs you take, no matter what diagnoses you have
sees personal growth as part of health, and
views supporting emotional wellness and continued personal growth as part of holistic healthcare

I provide this kind of care. Sleep better, resolve allergies, get pregnant, get through menopause, enhance your relationships, live (even more) true to your purpose.
Welcome to the new holistic.

For more information about Mahalia, her naturopathic tools, to book an appointment see www.dandelionnaturopathic.ca

Service Details

Naturopathic Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Clinical Nutrition
Therapeutic Supplementation
Homeopathy, Flower Essences
Energy Medicine

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