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About Helena Moutoglis - Inner Illuminations

Inner Illuminations
Owner Helena Moutoglis LMT
has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2002 having trained in practical theory of :
- numerous beneficial massage techniques
- anatomy /physiology /pathology /psychology /
human relations / ethics /
Her continued education to enrich her knowledge & skills in the fields of Osteopathic -based courses and Vibrational Energetic aspects of the human body,, will only compliment her services offered to you - Her Clients.

Helena has extensive knowledge both of the Human Body ,, but as well as the Energetic Aspects of the Body. Her relentless search for knowledge in the fascinating world of Energy & Healing led her to become both a
- USUI and KARUNA Tibetan Reiki Master.
- Sphere SACRED PEACE Healing Master

She believes in the Power Of Touch as a means to better deal with everyday stress and to enhance a general sense of well being,, by bringing you back into your body,, your home...

She approaches healing from a Holistic Perspective,,not only treating physical pain and discomfort,, as dis-ease & imbalances occur and affect all aspects of the human : Physical /Mental /Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of US.
These parts work as a whole,, not as separate pieces.

All her sessions offer a Intuitive Approach to Treating You,,, and well as providing YOU with:
- Personalized & Professional Treatments
- Holistic Counselling & Advice
- Stretching Techniques / Exercises
- Support for Your Inquiries

* Reduce Muscular Tension
* Reduce Stress & Anxiety Levels from Nervous System Firing and Imbalances
* Improve Blood Circulation / Skin Conditions
* Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
* Increase RANGE OF MOTION Issues
* Prevent Injuries
* Shorten Recovery Time Post Surgery
* Strengthen Immune System
* Remove Toxins from Body
* Improve Energy Levels & Alertness through Boosting Endorphins

* Remove Energy Blocks
* Decompress Overall System
* Release Old Wounds and Patterns Blocking you from Moving Forward in Life
* Accelerate your Healing Journey & Path
* Release & Heal Unwanted Habits & Patterns
* Experience Joy & Happiness
* Connect with Your Soul & Higher Self

Helena is passionate about what she does & will continue to bridge the path of Healing & Self-Healing for herself and You on all Levels of the Physical / Mental /Emotional and Spiritual .


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Services at QUeen Elizabeth Health Complexe in NDG
and WEST ISLAND 514 212 6252

Service Details


Licensed Massage Therapist Specializing in:
Swedish - Kinetic Massage
Core Myo-Facial Therapy
Cranial Sacral Therapy - CST
Visceral Manipulation & Integration
Somato -Emotional Release
Acupressure & Meridian Balancing
Lymphatic Drainage ll
Pregnant Women & Infants

Holistic Spiritual Healing:
Sound Therapy - Tuning Forks / Bowls
Usui Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki Master
Sph-ere Healing Therapist Master
IET Integrated Energy Therapy Master
Angel Therapy
Chakra Balancing

Bach Flowers Remedies
EAR Candling
Past Life Regression Sessions
Holistic Counselling

Qualifications Details

Member : AMPQ Profess. Massotherapists of QC
ANN Naturopaths & Naturotherapists QC
IAHP Intl Association of Healthcare Practitioners
International REIKI Association

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