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About The Dempster Clinic - Center for Integrated Medicine

Hello, I'm Dr. John Dempster, ND. Welcome to The Dempster Clinic.

We've built an innovative Integrative Health Center that puts patients first. If you don't know us already, I should tell you that we never prescribe standard treatments and remedies. That's because there are no standard problems. No two people are alike, so we tailor each treatment to the individual - you.

By blending scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine, we work with you to put your body back into a balanced state of health. If Naturopathic Medicine is new to you, I invite you to call today to book a free 15-minute consultation (by phone or in-person). We'll explore your health goals and I can explain a bit more about what we do here, answering any questions you may have.

You'll find that we work closely with medical practitioners such as M.D.s, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and others to solve health issues while focusing on prevention. We use cutting-edge functional medical diagnostics to discover the root causes of problems quickly, eliminating guesswork.

Once we know the specific health issues we need to address, we will draw on a wide range of tools that can include Nutriceutical Supplementation, Clinical Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, IV Vitamin Therapy, Homeopathy, Firstline (FLT) Therapy, and more - just look at our services page.

Whether you're seeking a speedier recovery from a health challenge, wanting to reduce your risk of chronic disease or you simply want to feel better, we will custom-tailor a program specific to your body and needs. Ask about our vitamin IV treatments, currently receiving a lot of media attention.

It is my sincere wish that everyone could achieve a balanced state of health. At The Dempster Clinic, we look forward to helping you reach that goal.

Service Details

IV Vitamin Therapy
Functional Medicine
Firstline Therapy (FLT)
Healthy and Active Weight Loss Program
Comprehensive Blood Testing
Customized Detox Programs
Chelation Therapy
Hormone Testing
Hormone Optimization
Food Allergy/Intolerance Testing
Heavy Metal Testing
Clinical Nutrition
Botanical Medicine
Athletic Therapy
Performance Coaching
Registered Massage Therapy
Holistic Nutritionist
Photo Light Therapy (PLE)

The Dempster Clinic also offers a wide range of Functional Medicine Testing available to our patients. Just look at our services page:

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