Massage Specialists


The practice of massage has been around since 3000BC and medical research has shown that massage can reduce stress, improve circulation, and create a feeling of wellbeing. Many health specialists recommend massage due to the high number of medical conditions that are stress related. Massage is becoming more and more popular as we learn to focus on prevention of disease rather than just cure.

Massage businesses by speciality

  • Chinese Massage

    Chinese Massage is designed to treat conditions and health problems through a variety of methods including cupping and massage.

  • Connective Tissue Massage

    Connective Tissue Massage focuses on the tissues that surround, protect and support all the internal structures in the body.

  • Couples Massage

    Couples Massages are the perfect way for 2 people to unwind and enjoy a relaxing massage side by side.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage targets the deep neuromuscular structure of the body to relieve strong tension.

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

    Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is a very fluid type of massage and a traditional form of Polynesian healing.

  • Hot Stone Massage

    Hot Stone Massages transfer warmth from heated stones to the body, allowing the muscles to relax in a way that wouldnÕt be possible through a hands only massage.

  • Indian Head Massage

    Indian Head Massages relieve tension in the head, increase blood flow and help you to become more focused.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

    Lymphatic Drainage is a light pressure style of massage that is used for reducing swelling and edema, fading bruises and speeding healing after an impact injury.

  • Massage Therapists

    Massage therapists are qualified and registered massage specialists who can provide massage to relieve stress, muscle pain and improve circulation.

  • Mobile Massage

    Mobile massage services come to you, in your home or workplace. Saving time, and providing services in your own environment.

  • Office Massage

    Office massage therapists can visit you in your office or workplace to provide some much needed relaxation and stress relief.

  • Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy or prenatal massages are great for relieving pains and aches related to pregnancy.

  • Relaxation Massage

    Relaxation massages target areas of muscle tension and pressure points to relieve stress and to help with relaxation.

  • Remedial Massage

    Remedial Massage helps to repair and relieve muscles that have been affected due to injury.

  • Sports Massage

    Sports massage can be performed before or after sports and exercise to warm up and relieve muscle tension or prepare the body for athletic activity.

  • Swedish Massage

    Swedish Massage is designed to relax the muscles and relieve stress through the use of long, flowing massage stokes.

  • Thai Massage

    Thai massage is a traditional form of massage that incorporates stretching and pressure techniques to relieve pain, relax and improve circulation.

  • Trigger Point Therapy

    Trigger Point Therapy targets specific spots, or trigger points in the body that can be targeted to relieve muscle pain as well as referred pain in other areas of the body.