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About montreal MT

Montréal MT is a skilled bilingual collective of mobile therapists. Experience 100% satisfaction guaranteed treatments and holistic care. Plus - a unique branded MMT Touch & Release (TM) Stress-Relief Therapy.

Montréal MT is Corporate Massage.
Inspired energy chair massages rejuvenate loyal employees, erase jet-lag for busy executives, impress clients worldwide.

Montréal MT is Event Massage.
MMT provides creative relaxation and flushing massage stations at sporting events, massage-sponsored kiosks at charity events, refresher-massage booths at conferences, hand & foot massages at grad parties, baby shower entertainment.

Montréal MT is Mothers Therapy.
Our MMT person-centered pregnancy health care includes pregnancy pedicures and esteem boosting hairstyles, couple & baby massage, nutritional & pain-coping workshops, family life education, labor assistance in hospitals and birth centers, breastfeeding consultations, CPR and much more.

Montréal MT is MMT: Your eco-online presence.
Find convenient web availability, pricing, booking options. Visit our virtual gift shop for creative GIFT MASSAGES and BIRTH ESSENTIALS. At no cost, subscribe to the monthly MMT e-zine 'RELAX, already!'. Interact and invite friends to our weekly 'MMT Monday Lunch' contest on Facebook.

Service Details

Montréal MT offers holistic treatments to include:
Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Bamboo Fusion, Indian Head massage (Champissage), Reflexology, Tui Na,
Ayurvedic prenatal & our MMT branded
Touch & Release (TM) Stress-Relief Therapy.

The MMT therapeutic massages are designed to treat the following issues:
chronic desk pain issues, migraines, neck, shoulder stiffness, golfer & tennis elbow, carpal tunnel
sciatica, spondylolisthesis, chronic fatigue syndrome, bi-polar mental illness, restless leg syndrome, geriatric loneliness.

The MMT mothers therapy addresses several common
pregnancy related issues, including:
nausea, labor back pain, swollen hands and feet, gestational diabetes, breech, prenatal discomfort and anxiety, postpartum distress, survivors of abuse, baby arrival issues, breastfeeding issues.

Qualifications Details

Licensed Massage Therapist/s
Trained Professional Birth Assistant/s
Adult, Child and Infant CPR certified professional/s
Member/s of Professional Association of Massage Therapists
Member of Professional Association of Quebec Birth Assistants

Trained in working with survivors of abuse
Trained in Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Bamboo Fusion, Baby massage, Prenatal massage, Ayurveda
Trained in breastfeeding consultation
Trained in Family Life Education and Consultancy
Trained in Mindfulness Practice

15+ years Filmmaker (writer/director/producer) experience
10+ years Communications Teaching experience
5 years Doula Experience
4 years LMT

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