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About Divine Doula

Your birth should be a very memorable experience that you will have fond memories of, don't allow medicalization to rob you of the birth of your dreams.

As a well experienced doula, I provide very hands on service. I believe that a relationship of trust and mutual respect is very important to having a good birth experience. I meet with my clients several times prior to labour and usually include a basic prenatal class with my services.

I also provide services to low income families and am active in reaching out to the community in practical methods.

You can follow me on Facebook, look for the group Dear Doula. I also am a writer for Birth of a Mother magazine.

Service Details

Professional Doula Services
Private Prenatal Classes
Scheduled Prenatal Classes
Promoting public awareness of Normal Birth.

Qualifications Details

I was DONA Certified in 2008
Lamaze trained CBE
Attended Midwives College of Utah

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