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About Therapeutic Delight

Therapeutic Delight is dedicated to bringing you the best in Thai herbal compress and poultice solutions.

We offer a wide variety of herbal compress balls for the body and face. Our products are packed full of superior quality ingredients picked from the finest organic herb gardens in Thailand. These herbal balls are convenient and easy to use in the professional world as well as in the home. Check out our online store for more details.

We provide a wide range of information on herbal remedies such as how to make your own home made poultice. This information is easy to read and is helpful for almost any ailment one might suffer. Stay up to date on our most read articles in our 'popular' section on the home page.

Service Details

Enjoy a professional massage by a registered massage therapist. Massage therapy services include Swedish massage and Thai yoga massage.

Warm up your treatment with a heated Thai herbal compress to further enhance your massage experience. The Thai herbal compress helps melt away any inflammation, muscle pain, joint stiffness and improve energy. It will leave you feeling balanced and calm and ready to face your day.

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