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About Mantra - Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage

Mantra is an Edmonton and area business focusing on healing through Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.
Group yoga classes are offered through the City of Edmonton and Stony Plain.

Service Details

Thai Yoga Massage is sometimes referred to as a meditative dance between Practitioner and receiver. It is a fluid blend of yoga postures, deep stretching and pressure massage preformed on a floor mat in loose comfortable clothing.

In this unique healing system the recipient receives the endless benefits of yoga while the sen (energy) lines and marma points are palmed and thumbed. The combination of these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that stretches and tones the muscles, improves circulation, relieves muscular tension, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically as you enter a state of bliss with the practice of Metta (the act of loving kindness).

Thai Yoga Massage provides the recipient with both a physical and an energetic massage as well as adapts itself and respects the limits of each individual regardless of age or flexibility. This technique is both a preventative and therapeutic system.

Further Benefits Include:
Deep relaxation
Calmness and Rest
Refreshes the Spirit
Increases Energy
Increased Flexibility
Soothes and balances the Nervous System
Relieves Energetic blockages before they manifest psychologically or physically
Relief of pain and muscle tension
Improves blood Circulation
Activates the Lymphatic System

Yoga is derived from the sanskrit root yuj, which means Ôto uniteÕ. It suggests union between body, breath, mind and soul, the union of the ego and the spirit, the union of the mundane and the divine.

A regular yoga practice provides practitioners with both gross and subtle benefits. On one spectrum, the vast range of yoga styles and techniques that exist enhance fitness. To name only a few benefits yoga postures (asana) can increase flexibility, strengthen your muscles, improve posture and enhance circulation. Many athletic disciplines have started to incorporate yoga into their training regime as yoga can very quickly improve tone, posture and technique. With these physical benefits in mind, we can fully justify yoga in our lives.

However, the heart of yoga is much more than a physical system of health. It expresses balance in our lives, enables us to realize our full human potential and offers us centred connection in the midst of our often hectic lives. Yoga is the integration of the layers of life _ environmental, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, thus we can refer back to the true meaning of yoga = union!

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