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About Awakening Radiance

I serve as a Catalyst for your Authentic Self, using EFT Tapping and Vibrational Healing to assist you to live a heart centered life.

I also am continuing to add a new series of Guided Meditation MP3's with sacred music and nature sounds, to help others achieve mindfulness and inner peace.

Inner Peace is Empowerment. Transformation can be serene and simple.

I utilize Law of Attraction strategies, exercises and processes, Body Dialoging, Angel Channeling and Tarot, Chakra Balancing, and more to help you shift out of emotional, mental and physical limitations and into greater clarity of what can and is possible for you. Abundance is our birthright.

Service Details

EFT tapping is an effective and gentle process used to release intense and difficult emotions. It resolves all kinds of phobia, trauma,low self-esteem, addictions, depression, anxiety, repetitve and negative thinking, stress and irrational fears.

It is not only used for emotional issues, it is also used to attain success with your goals.

Vibrational Healing is a fusion of Reiki, Shamanic and Crystal Energetics Angel Channeling, and Chakra Balancing.

Long Distance Attunements are also offered.

I am continuing to add a series of Guided Meditation MP 3's with the soothing sounds of sacred music and nature to help anchor in mindfulness and inner peace.

Don't buy into the dense mindset of mainstream reality. I can help illuminate what is possible for you. If this speaks to you, call me for a 20 minute free consultation. More info is on my website, including free dowloads and samples.

Qualifications Details

I have over 4000 hours of mainstream and alternative, esoteric studies. Including my own life experience of moving out of victimhood and creating a heart-based, authentic life. We will always have challenges as spiritual beings in a physcial world. However we have the potential to move through all of it with grace and presence.

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