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About The Suns Ray

I am Sunny, the Suns Ray, on this site you will find spiritual based content, performance enhancement information/motivation, digital products and my services. This is my service for humanity as I help others evolve and self realize to their depth and degree.

There are five primary areas of spirituality that explored on the website: Buddha Mind Series, Christ Energy Activation, Light Beings, Human Energetics and Yoga Secrets. If this interests you the best starting point is here Spiritual Guidance.

Presently, I am a Yoga Asana teacher. Yoga sessions for cooperate groups at their location. In these session I help relax employee's reach relaxation as we release tension in the body. As the body is in a state of ease the mind has the ability to function at optimal levels and that is the purpose when I work for your organization.

I also work with athletes who compete in the games of Hockey, MMA and Soccer. I help these athletes develop themselves to experience the potential the already house within themselves. The targets of the training are developing focus, a deep mind body connection for explosive performance in their chosen arena. Much of the integration of training in sports comes through meditation as the still mind paints the picture on the canvas in the present moment.

My personal interests and ambitions allgin with sports and entertainment. I research and develop innovating ideas to harmonizes and embrace collective energy for sports Franchises to attract and grow their energetic field. Many people are not aware of this and how their individual energy contributes to the whole. Check out some of my innovating Home Advantage Energy Activations.

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Yoga Asana Instruction the Suns Ray Style.

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