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About Algoma Natural Healing Clinic

At Algoma Natural Healing Clinic you will:

Experience thorough intake visits, averaging one hour in length.

Receive a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan.

Have all factors which may be contributing to your condition taken into account, including your emotions, thoughts, stress, relationships, and environment.

Experience a health care approach focused on treating the root causes of your illness rather than simply suppressing your symptoms.

Experience an integrative approach to medicine which complements therapies recommended by other members of your health care team.

Receive easily understandable and effective communication through proper consideration of your personal learning style.

Experience improved accessibility to your doctor.

Receive acknowledgement and encouragement from your doctor for each step you take and every effort you make to achieve better health.

Algoma Natural Healing Clinic guides and supports you to achieve vitality by discovering your innate ability to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Service Details

nutritional counseling
lifestyle counseling
herbal medicine
laboratory testing
functional medicine

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