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About Inner Light Holistic Healing


A Japenese form of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Reiki is based on the Asian concept of the life energy and is done by positioning hands on the body (or off, clients preference). A subtle energy flows from the hands of the practitioner in to the client and it's the energy that creates the relaxation and healing effect.


Chios Energy Healing is based upon a new series of powerful techniques that specifically and powerfully heal the true, root energetic defects in the aura and chakras - techniques which have not previously been available in any spiritual or energy healing system. Chios healing treatments, using these techniques, provide healing that might otherwise be unavailable from other healing arts. They may also facilitate spiritual growth practices, as well as to provide generally enhanced health to body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual Alignment Connection (SAC)

The S.A.C is a profound experience which facilitates light and information to travel through us on all levels of our being enabling the acceleration of our continuous evolution and development.
People who have experienced the S.A.C. have reported a deepening sense of purpose, of connection to their core being, of oneness with the Universe. Some report release of negative emotional patterns or physical symptoms. Others report a sense of awakening, a paradigm shift, enabling them to view life from a different and higher perspective.
Please remember, however, that we are all unique, each persons experience will unfold for their highest good.

Service Details

The S.A.C.
Access Consciousness -The Bars
Energetic Face-lift
Raindrop Technique

Insurance receipts provided. (Blue Cross etc...)

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