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About Dr. Elisabeth Serbinski, Chiropractor

Do you suffer from neck pain, back pain, headaches, postural stress....? Look no further - chiropractic care is the answer!

Chiropractic is natural, non-invasive and drug-free. It works great for the management of many musculoskeletal problems reducing stiffness & pain and improving overall function, balance, mobility & well being. Whether you are looking for pain relief, to heal faster or to optimize your already good health, chiropractic works!

Chiropractic works by balancing the body mechanically as well as neurologically. Patients often report benefits beyond just physical; for example improved mood, energy and sleep. Nerves exiting the spine send signals to all areas of the body including the organ systems. Thus a healthy spine often results in overall great health as optimal communication is restored.

Whether you have symptoms or not, have your spine checked!

Treatment for:
- back pain, neck pain, headaches
- joint stiffness & restricted movement
- arthritis
- poor posture & muscle imbalance
- home injuries - to the spine or extremities
- sprains/strains
- injury to the extremities
- foot and gait problems
- work related injuries (WSIB)
- sports related injuries
- whiplash (motor vehicle accidents - MVA)
- pregnancy related back pain
- maintenance and prevention
- wellness care

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Service Details

Spinal Care: Many acute and chronic conditions of the back and neck improve with chiropractic care. Chiropractic restores mobility, reduces pain and improves function.

Custom Orthotics: Your feet are your foundation. Faulty foot mechanics can cause pain and affect posture/alignment at the ankles, knees, hips and the back. Custom orthotics are designed to correct this.

Biomedical Acupuncture: Studies show that acupuncture provides pain relief for a variety of conditions including headaches, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Car Accident Injury Care: If you were injured in a car accident, early assessment and treatment can help reverse the damage and facilitate a more rapid and complete recovery.

Work Injury Care: If you were injured on the job, WSIB may cover the cost of care. Chiropractic care is focussed on recovery, rehabilitation, prevention and early safe return to work.

Wellness Care: The purpose of chiropractic wellness and maintenance care is to optimize spinal function including joint mobility, alignment & posture. With the body in balance you will move better, function better and feel great.

Posture Care: Does your posture stand up? Poor posture can cause neck pain, back pain and headaches. It not only affects your appearance but can also drain your energy, impede your breathing and accelerate spinal degeneration.

Extremity Care: Shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, feet... If you are concerned about extremity pain or injury, focused extremity care can help.

For more information about Dr. Serbinski's services, please visit: http://www.drserbinski.ca

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