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About Purely Baby

Purely Baby is about choice! At Purely Baby, you can be sure you will always get an honest and clear look at all of your options, and be given the freedom and confidence to choose for yourself where you fit. Purely Baby's individual classes allow you to choose what you learn about and when by creating your own unique prenatal class. Purely Baby classes are where epidurals and drug free births are both discussed as viable and useful alternatives; where breast and bottle are both offered as viable feeding options with pros and cons; where attachment theory and Ferber method can exist side by side for you to choose. At Purely Baby you will get a better understanding of your own beliefs and values and will be better prepared to enter this life transition with confidence and peace of mind.
Purely Baby offerings are designed to help you feel supported and prepared from pregnant!!...now what?‚ right through to wiping away your tears as you watch your baby start school. Purely Baby will be there to help you navigate your pregnancy, prepare for your birth, set up your existing family to accept a new member, heal from a past birth, plot a course through infant nutrition, get ready to face parenting decisions big and small, redefine yourself as a woman through motherhood, and treat your body and mind with respect through the rollercoaster journey.

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A la carte pre & postnatal classes, drop in yoga & fitness classes, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, herbal medicine, photography, specialty retail items...

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