Why are blueberries so good for you?


Well, as small as they may be, these little fruit delights are packed full of antioxidants! In fact they contain around 5 times the antioxidants of other fruits and vegetables. So just a small cup full is why are blueberries so good for yougiving you more protection from a range of cancers, heart diseases and age related neurological problems than anything else you could choose to eat.

But that’s not all! They are also packed with vitamin C, and contain high levels of fibre with just 83 calories per cup.

Blueberries are also great for your brain! Research as shown that blueberries can reduce the effects of mental aging, and can stimulate the growth of new brain cells.

Want to look better too? No problem! Blueberries can help with that as well. The vitamin c in blueberries helps with collagen production, plus they improve circulation to help your skin glow. And if that’s not enough, the antioxidants in blueberries also protect your skin from the free radicals that can cause damage to your skin.

What should you do when winter comes around and those prices jump sky high? Try frozen blueberries (they are available in most supermarkets), or if your freezer space allows, stock up this summer and defrost them over winter to use in baking or on cereal.

If there’s just one change you make to your diet this summer then make it blueberries!