5 Tips for Choosing the Right Doula for You


For most first-time expecting moms, a doula is someone or something unheard of. Is it a type of food, a chosing a doulamedical equipment, or a supplement? This is usually the question. However, as time passes by, the services of a doula has become in demand, even indispensible for some. There are several reasons why this is so, but the most important is that they are continuously producing great results. Some noticeable differences a doula makes are:

  • Reduced cesarean and forceps delivery rate
  • Reduced length of labor
  • Reduced requests for epidural medication
  • Reduced use of oxytocin

It is worth nothing, though, that doulas are not people who literally just offer their hands for you to hold on during delivery. Rather, they are trained professionals, generally women, who will provide you with the following:

  • Her knowledge about different labor and birthing methods, their pros and cons
  • Empowering and inspiring words to assist in experiencing a more comfortable delivery
  • Assistance for both parents including giving massage to relieve stress

How to Find the Best Doula

Doulas are certainly a great help for the informational, physical, and emotional support they provide. However, that is not great enough a reason for you to trust just anybody. Quite the contrary, you have to be choosy to ensure that your doula will. When finding a doula for your coming childbirth, here are several things to accomplish:

  1. Know Your Needs—before you look for someone to assist you, you must first know what you will need assistance with.
  2. Start with Your Family—do not look far away: start looking for the perfect doula within your family. Ask members who have hired one before or are in close contact with one.
  3. Always Ask—it is of utmost importance to ask anything and everything that you believe will give you an idea of how great a particular doula’s service is. Ask about their philosophy, experience, and opinion on matters surrounding childbirth.
  4. Compare—do not stop looking after you found a doula. Rather, look for several and compare them. Just keep in mind that the perfect doula is not always the one with the thickest or shiniest resume. Rather, the best doula is the one that shares your philosophy, the one you feel will best offer the specific support you need, and, of course, the one you are actually comfortable with.
  5. Keep in contact—a doula does not just come when you are already giving birth. It is important to keep in contact with your doula not only to be acquainted with each other better but also to ensure that the person will be within reach when you go to labor.

Sometimes, mere words from your attending doctor do not provide the necessary support you need. That is why looking for a doula—the perfect doula—becomes a highly beneficial choice.