5 Easy Ways to Cut Back on Sodium


Take a look at these five tips from Registered Dietitian Sue Mah to improve your eating habits and your health:

1. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Not only are they packed with nutrition, they are also sodium-salt sodiumfree. Frozen and canned produce are good, economical options too as long as you buy the ones with no added salt or sauces. You can also rinse canned vegetables to wash away some of the sodium. Aim for 7-10 servings of vegetables and fruit every day. Are you getting enough? To assist with your efforts, a leading juice brand offers incentives for you to track your fruit and vegetable servings online at www.facebook.com/mottsgardencocktail.

2. Look for “sodium reduced” products. Read food labels and look for the words “sodium reduced,” “low sodium” and “sodium free.” Many foods have been reformulated with a lower sodium content. In the juice section, for example, the new Mott’s Garden Cocktail Original contains 35% less sodium than it did before, and the “low sodium” line has reduced it by another 65%.

3. Compare food labels. Pick up your favourite brand of crackers, bread or soup. Now pick up another brand. Compare the sodium content in the different brands. Buy the ones with the lowest amounts of sodium.

4. Cook from scratch. This practice allows you to control the amount of sodium and salt in your meals. Be creative and experiment with different ways to add flavour without the sodium. Try herbs, spices, ginger, garlic, flavoured vinegars and citrus juices.

5. Eat out on special occasions. It’s easy for the sodium to add up when you eat out. Ask for sauces, salad dressings and condiments to be served on the side. Ask for your meal to be made without salt or monosodium glutamate (MSG).