Health Benefits of Snow Shoeing


snow shoeing healthy

Snow shoeing is great for your health and is a fun way to keep active during the winter months. In fact snow shoeing can burn up to 750 calories per hour! What a great way to keep off those Winter pounds.

How else is snow shoeing beneficial? Well:

It’s low impact – so can be managed by people with some injuries that prevent them from undertaking other winter sports, or those who are older without putting extreme pressure on the body and joints.

Strengthens muscles – especually in the legs, but also in the arms with the use of poles.

Cardio – Snow shoeing is a fantastic cardio workout

It’s easy! – so long as you are an able walker, snow shoeing shouldnt be a problem for you

Its affordable – Pick up a second hand pair, or rent them for as little as $5 a day!

Sunshine – get up there above the clouds and get some sunshine and a good dose of vitamin D!

Enjoyment – walk with friends, or enjoy the nature – snow shoeing takes you to beautiful locations that our amazing country has to offer.

So go on  - give it a go!

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