Poison Prevention: Do you know the meanings of these symbols?


They are symbols (or pictures) that mean DANGER!

You will find them on the labels of products in and around your home. You will see them on paint thinners, drain cleaners, windshield washer fluid and different kinds of polish.

CorrosifCORROSIVE The product can burn your skin or eyes. If swallowed, it will damage your throat and stomach.
InflammableFLAMMABLE The product or its fumes will catch fire easily if it is near heat, flames or sparks. Rags used with this product may begin to burn on their own.
ExplosifEXPLOSIVE The container can explode if heated or punctured. Flying pieces of metal or plastic from the container can cause serious injury, especially to eyes.
PoisonPOISON If you swallow, lick, or in some cases, breathe in the chemical, you could become very sick or die.

Safety Tips

  • Teach children that these symbols mean Danger! Do not touch.
  • Keep all products with these symbols where children cannot SEE or REACH them
  • Read the label and follow the instructions. If you have trouble reading the label, ask for help. Do not cover up or remove the labels from these products.

Copy emergency phone numbers from the first page of your phone book Keep the numbers close to the phone.

If someone is hurt by a product that has these symbols on the label:

  • Call the Poison Control Centre or your doctor right away.
  • Tell the person who answers the phone what the label says.
  • Bring the product with you when you go for help.
Information provided by Health Canada

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