Tips to avoid toddler nutrition trouble


Most of us know that nutrition is a key to toddler health—and yet Canadian mothers tell us that making sure their children get the right nutrients every day is stressful. Take a look at these ‘dobaby food and don’t’ tips from Sandra Gabriele, a registered dietitian specializing in pediatrics:

Do remember that Canada’s Food Guide recommendations are easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. On a daily basis toddlers aged two to three should consume: 1 serving of meat and alternatives; 2 servings of milk and alternatives; 3 servings of grain products; 4 servings of fruit and vegetables.

Do make snacks count. Include foods that might be missed at regular meals and keep it varied to contain at least two different food groups. Avoid snacks like French fries and sweets since high fat foods are low in vitamins and minerals.

Do-consider a nutritional supplement. While taking a multivitamin might not be an option for one- to two-years-olds, they can take a milk-based nutritional supplement like Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink. It contains the essential vitamins and minerals that your child needs on a daily basis.

Don’t make separate meals for your child. Kids will not learn to eat new things if you only serve them what you know they like.

Don’t force, pressure, reward, or punish. When they are pressured to eat, children do not respond well. Growth and activity levels have an impact on children’s appetites and they can vary at times.

Don’t have the television on. Have your toddler focus on his or her food instead of cartoons and any other distractions.