Interview with Christina Haverkort: Energy Healer and Reflexologist


We have a very interesting guest today who is a certified integrative energy healing practitioner, and reflexologistChristina Haverkort by the name of Christina Haverkort.  She specializes in directing energy and healing chakras.  This is an ancient practice that is gaining popularity among the wider world. 

Here is a little about her then we will jump into the interview:

Christina Haverkort is a gifted energy healer who believes, “Your body has its own healing capabilities and unique wisdom. Each and every ‘body’ knows what it needs, to heal. ”  

Christina is also a Certified Reflexologist and a graduate of the Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioners Program from Langara College in Vancouver, BC.

She has studied the principles of Iridology and Crystalogy integrating this into her work, and has been influenced by contemporary healers such as Barbara Brennan, Anodea Judith, and Rosalyn Bruyere. She possesses a natural ability to detect the origin of pain or block, through the client’s body, using the methodologies of Reflexology and Energy.

So now that you know a little bit more about her, let’s find out what all this means…


Natural Health World:  How did you get involved in energy healing?

Christina Haverkort:  I became involved in Energy Healing when it found me. With a strong intuition of my present awareness as energy navigated its way through my body, I knew that it was a catalyst to change my career. I had to think about, what was next for me. I enrolled in a college program and began my studies, it was apparent the first day we did treatments, I discovered a natural ability to direct energy with thought and breath.

Natural Health World:  What would you say makes your business unique?

Christina Haverkort:  That’s tough, what makes my business unique... I guess I make energy work look easy, I love it when I get around people who don't believe in it, or are really skeptical, I will demonstrate, and voila, its done. More importantly, what sets me apart from other healers is that, I truly treat people with equality, I love getting to know people, their life story and why they have chosen to work with me. I describe to them, based on their life experience, why their physical aliments are present based on the principals of how energy works in the body and how Trauma has affected them physically, emotionally and mentally. I love getting into the depths of how this work explains everything to them; it answers a lot of their questions, realizing that, medications for certain things are unnecessary.

Natural Health World: Energy therapy is such a broad term.  What happens in a normal energy healing session?  Or is everyone different?

Christina Haverkort: After a brief discussion with an intake form, shoes are removed and the client lies comfortably on a massage table. The session begins with getting the client into the Theta brain wave state. While in the Theta state, the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing, and growth.

During the session I work hands on and off the body, along with communication during the treatment. Clients, who are very open to Energy Healing work, slip into the Theta state within a few minutes.

They are completely conscious and aware of what is happening, combined with visuals and sensations. When the session is complete we discuss what came up during the session.


Natural Health World: You do distant healing as well, what does that involve and how effective have you found that technique is it as good as in person?

Christina Haverkort: Distant work in fact can be more effective in some instances than “in person” work. I have worked with many people with various issues over distance. Distant healing is similar to “in person” healing.

When the client accepts the opportunity, I move into their energy field and begin with grounding my client, which provides a polarity for energy flow. Sessions often work by creating an intention, but the ‘energy body’ will always do what it needs to heal or evolve. (Grounding; when I take the client into a deep relaxed state, Theta state, anchoring them to the earth)


Natural Health World: Please explain what a Chakra is and what it isn’t…

Christina Haverkort: A Chakra is a centre of organization that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy. The word chakra translates as “wheel” or “disk” and refers to a spinning sphere of bio-energetic activity emanating from the nerve ganglia branching forward from the spinal column.

There are seven major chakras as well as several other minor chakras throughout the body.


Natural Health World: You say stress is a major disruptor of our Chakra’s.  How is it so bad and what exactly does it do that puts our bodies so out of whack?

Christina Haverkort: Repetitive stress can throw your hormones out of balance and can create energy blockages in the body. I believe the more emotionally detached we are from our bodies the more stress is carried and held in the body.

Stress in the body, puts a strain on our ability to think, clear our mind, it creates tension and I believe can result in chronic pain. The body develops resiliency, but when stress is high everybody has a stress response. Prolonged stress can also result in an imbalance of the naturally occurring Hormones in our bodies.


Natural Health World: What would you say is your specialty when it comes to energy healing?

Christina Haverkort: I specialize in techniques to quickly ground my client into the Theta state and assess the origin of pain in the body. I also specialize in injury repair, pain management, inflammation, inducing labour and helping the body cleanse of emotional energies.

I have worked extensively with injury repair because of my own experiences with sports injuries and helping out my friends!

My time spent as a volunteer in the substance abuse sector involved a significant amount of emotional healing for the clients. Emotional intelligence comes from the ability to process emotions effectively, understand their origin, and be able to forgive the self and others. 


Natural Health World: This may be related to the previous question but in what ways have you seen the most change in people in your profession. 

Christina Haverkort: I have seen very quick results when repairing and strengthening torn tissue in physical injuries, shifting bones or nerves, and releasing pain.

For instance, when working on a client after his cast was removed 3 months ago, he was still experiencing excruciating pain. We were able to sort out the mixed up nerves and muscle tissue in a matter of minutes his pain went away and he stopped wearing the wrist support.

Volunteering in the Substance Abuse Clinic, there was great change in one session. The afflictions of addiction carry energy in the mental, emotional and physical body. Energy Healing is multi-dimensional, it works all levels simultaneously.


Natural Health World: Is there a way that energy healing can heal a physical problem?  Say a broken bone?

Christina Haverkort: Yes, energy healing is very effective when working on broken bones among other physical issues. I have worked on recipients who have been casted as well as after the cast has come off. 

Clients come to me when their pain is still prevalent or still experiencing pain long after the cast is removed.

Since ribs cannot be casted, energy healing is a valuable tool for correcting the placement. For example, I worked through distance on a friend of mine who had several compound rib fractures.

While I was in her field, her body highlighted the main issue, a bone spur protruding from the rib at the shoulder blade, affecting surrounding tissue and causing great pain. I intentionally brought the bone spur back into the rib. By the morning she said she felt remarkably better and did not have to take any pain medication.


Natural Health World: What is a good example of a spiritual problem that has a very physical manifestation? 

Christina Haverkort: I don’t think there is such thing as a spiritual problem, but there are Spiritual emergencies. For example, an issue of the body that would be considered a spiritual emergency is a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening that is mistaken for psychosis. Kundalini is a very powerful movement of energy in the body that is stored in the perineum. It can awaken at any time and cause discomfort in the body for those who are not prepared.

It’s my belief that various mental disorders can perhaps be treated successfully on a spiritual level. Those suffering from Schizophrenia could actually be having more than one soul occupying their body at one time.

Bi- Polar disorder could be a fluctuation of energy; energy that is not balanced. Children dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism are extremely gifted, but may have not totally ascended into their bodies. I think we are entering a paradigm that will involve more Spiritual emergencies.


Natural Health World: What does modern medicine do to our Chakras can it help in anyway or does it mostly hurt?

Christina Haverkort: Modern medicine and prescriptions come from the outside, transformation occurs within. In some cases prescription meds can create blockages in the body, blockages that can suppress other body functions, which may create imbalances energetically. These imbalances affect our Chakras adversely. 

As well almost all medications have side effects, which leads to a spiral effect of more drugs being utilized to treat unnecessary symptoms from the first line of prescriptions.


Natural Health World: What does feeling into our bodies involve? Is this meditation or something similar?

Christina Haverkort: Feeling into your body involves a sitting type meditation, yoga or simply lying down and focusing entirely on your body, with nothing to distract you. The general idea is to get connected to within yourself, and just focus on your body with no thoughts.

This is very difficult for some, because thoughts have become overactive energy in the mind. Your guidance system is in your body. We need to become our own physician at times, knowing our body is our responsibility.


Natural Health World: What are the basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a person?  Where is the point that you can say those are all met?

Christina Haverkort: Our basic needs are met when we are “presently” aware of our bodies. You can live in the moment, each and everyday, mental chatter is gone, you are eating enough, and to some degree feeling balanced emotionally. 

The point at which those would be met; Is when you can utilize your own guidance system with ease; Being less distracted; More aware of your surroundings; Feeling the connection to your body. Feeling empathy, forgiveness and gratitude, is equally a Spiritual need. 


Natural Health World: Energy healing says the body has wisdom.  Can you explain what you mean when you say “the body has wisdom” and how is this tied to the body growing toxic or less toxic.

Christina Haverkort: The body has an intrinsic ability to hold a memory of everything emotional, mental and physical that has happened to it. This means all associated energy that comes with the experiences pleasant or unpleasant.

During an Energy Healing session, the wisdom of the body brings memories to the surface, for release. Emotions, or thought processes that have been carried in the body for decades are set free effortlessly- graceful and benign. Our body consists of an intricate multidimensional make-up (mental, spiritual, emotional physical).

The body can grow toxic if emotions are not resolved properly.  Emotions don’t just go away. Toxicity grows when bad or negative thoughts, food, drink or drugs enter the body, causing the creation of heaviness and low vibration.


Natural Health World: You are also a Reflexologist, how is this related to Energy healing?

Christina Haverkort: Reflexology is based on a Zone Theory, in which the feet are mapped to correlate to every part, gland, bone and tissue in the body. It’s not really related to energy healing, but for clients who are open to the experience, energy will flow in the zones, which are stimulated on the feet.

The client will feel a release that corresponds to the areas being worked on the foot. I channel more energy into the area to induce a healing with the release.

Often times if the is a chronic or acute problem in the body, the feet will hurt. In many of my Energy Healing sessions I will work the feet energetically to work on certain areas of the body, releasing pain and moving energy.


Natural Health World: What do you do to the feet to get them to change alignment?

Christina Haverkort: Our feet are very neglected. After a Reflexology treatment, the feet feel pampered and the body feels lighter, cleaner and relaxed. The body will make its own adjustments and alignment when the feet are being worked on.

If there is an issue with alignment, the root cause is usually in the sacrum, hips or lower back.  Reflexology can create energy flow to release tension in the feet, calves and legs.


Natural Health World: Aromatherapy can also be found at your clinics, how does this help our energy fields?

Christina Haverkort: Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils. I use Young Living Essential Oils, as these are concentrated natural aromatic liquids extracted from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. The Essential Oils I use, carry a Hertz Frequency which have a positive effect on our energy field.

These oils can be inhaled, internally consumed and applied to your skin. Also these therapeutic grade "essential" oils are widely believed to stimulate brain function. Great for stress relief, and additionally safe to be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing.

Aromatherapy is gaining momentum in the alternative medicine field. It is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function.


Natural Health World: Do you have a mentor you have worked with?

Christina Haverkort: I attended Langara College in Vancouver, BC. I am a graduate of the Integrative Energy Healing Practitioners Program. Our teachers provided mentoring in the program. The three most important things were, ground, align and centre.

Since I started working with energy, I realized quickly that energy could be directed by thought, breath and intention. From early on, I have felt guided to do this work; with most of what I have learnt has come naturally.


Natural Health World: How do you see the future of Energy healing in this crazy stressed out world?

Christina Haverkort: Bright!! Energy Healing is already on the rise, with more people wanting to heal and explore Alternative/Complimentary medicine. More people are choosing ‘Energy’ based therapies, Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine because they work!

Medications have side effects; some people are declining medications while for others it works for them.


Natural Health World: Do you have any books or particular resources such as Audios/Radio shows/Blogs that you like and could pass on to our readers for more information about what you do or why it works? 

Christina Haverkort: One book that has been my ‘bible’ throughout this work is “Eastern Body Western Mind”, by Anodea Judith. I also receive many teachings from Gabor Mate; he is a spokesperson and author on Addiction. There are too many wonderful and valuable resources to list.


Thanks so much for you time, and for sharing such interesting information with us Christina.

If you’re interested in learning more, or getting in touch with Christina Haverkort you can contact her at:

Current Healing

38 Wellington St. East, Aurora, Ont, or 1894 Scugog St. Port Perry, Ont

Telephone: 647-678-0742