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About Live, Birth, Love Doula Services

My name is Jessica Hall and I am the doula behind Live, Birth, Love Doula Services.
It is my goal to help any woman I know in need have the birth she wants and deserves.
Every mother is entitled to having the best possible birth experience.
Thank you for considering Live, Birth, Love Doula Services to be a part of your beautiful birth journey.
Please look around the site for information about doulas and birth in general, myself as a doula, and the services I offer, as well as a list of helpful birth links and resources.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.
Sincerely, Jessica

Service Details

Prenatal and Birth Care

My Birth Services include 2-3 prenatal visits to discuss your birth, baby, and any other information you would like about becoming a parent(s). You will receive an information package with helpful resources, links, book recommendations, and local information at the first visit.

I will attend your childÕs birth as a steady support system for you and your loved ones in attendance. I will introduce and use relaxing, focusing, and other gentle labour techniques to assist you in achieving your desired birthing experience. I will offer constant physical and emotional support in any way I can, as well as help you follow your birthing plan as fully as possible.

Postpartum and Family/Baby Care

You will then receive support as you adjust into the roles of a new parent(s). I will support and encourage you in breastfeeding, some postpartum needs, and baby care essentials. Your will receive 3-5 (or less if not needed) postpartum visits whenever it is convenient for you.

After the postpartum visits you are welcome to contact me at anytime for additional support.

Hypnobabies Birthing

I am also trained as a Hypnobabies Doula to offer support to women and families choosing a hypnobirthing experience, please ask for more information if interested.

Aromatherapy/Herbology for Birth

I am currently training with Birth Arts International to be able to confidently use aromatherapy and herbology to aid in your pregnancy, labouring/birth, and postpartum care.

I am also training with Birth Arts International to become a Childbirth Educator and teach natural birthing classes.

Placenta Encapsulation and Information

I also offer placenta encapsulation services for clients and non-clients, please contact me for more information.

Costs and detailed service descriptions will be available through a short phone or email interview, please see the Contact Me page for information.

Qualifications Details

Hypnobabies certified hypnodoula

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