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About Ohana Counseling and HypnoBirthing

Ohana Counseling and HypnoBirthing is a diverse practice that was created in the spirit of Aloha. Besides meaning hello and goodbye, the literal translation of Aloha is “the breath of life”. Having the “Aloha Spirit” in part means teaching ourselves to love our own beings first and afterwards to spread the love to others…when you live in the spirit of Aloha you create positive feelings and thoughts, which are never gone.”

You may be seeking counselling and/or hypnotherapy in order to work through challenges and improve your well-being. You may also be seeking hypnosis for fertility and/or HypnoBirthing® courses, which create positive thoughts and feelings throughout ones pregnancy, labor and delivery. No matter what exactly you are seeking, Ohana Counseling and HypnoBirthing is the place for you!

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Are you or someone you know looking for a welcoming, non-judgemental and accepting place for counseling? Counseling and hypnotherapy services are offered to individuals, couples and families of all ages who may be struggling with various challenges, ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship distress or infertility. Counseling and therapy is a cooperative process. At OCH, the approach to therapy is strength based, goal focused and client centered. Therapy and counseling are shaped around what style works best for the client. Therapy modalities often utilized include, but are not limited to, hypnosis, strength based counseling, solution focused therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy or emotion focused therapy.

HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method:
Ohana means family in the Hawaiian language and family is often a focus for expectant mothers. HypnoBirthing is generally taught in groups and is offered to expectant mothers and their birth companions. Through HypnoBirthing® women learn how their bodies are made to birth and how fear and relaxation impact the birthing experience. HypnoBirthing® also teaches mothers and their birthing companions how to reach an ultimate state of calm and relaxation, which can aid women in having a more calm and comfortable birth and delivery. The philosophy and techniques are meant to help women through the pregnancy and after the baby is welcomed into their family. The course is generally offered in a group format over six weeks, with great information and experiential learning offered each week in North West Calgary.

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