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Having some challenges with your breastfeeding? I can come to your home to help.

Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a baby. Occasionally, breastfeeding doesnÕt come naturally. DonÕt wait with the hope that your breastfeeding concerns go away. You and your baby deserve the best

You should seek help from a Lactation Consultant if you have:

√°sore or damaged nipples

√°a baby not gaining normal weight


√°low milk supply

√°Re- lactation

√°breast reduction or augmentation

√°breastfeeding adopted baby

√°pump issues

√°tongue tied or suck issues


√°a baby refusing the breast; instead cries or sleeps

ásomeone telling you that you CANÕT breastfeed

√°the need to supplement with formula or breastmilk

√°any other concerns or barriers that are preventing them from enjoying breastfeeding

Service Details

In home breastfeeding assistance

Prenatal Education

Packages that include prenatal education and help in the home

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