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About Yoga with Corinna

Yoga With Corinna is not your typical yoga studio, offering small, customized classes that allows Corinna to get to know each body, its movement patterns and tailoring classes to the very needs of those in attendance. This semi-private atmosphere assures you will receive the support and guidance ensuring a safe practice.

Specializing in Therapeutic Yoga, using the principles of Critical Alignment(TM) Yoga Therapy (C.A.T.) to release muscular tension which creates mobility in the spine, then build stability and strength, followed by developing coordination of movement through the midline and postural muscles resulting in more efficient movement patterns. The principles of C.A.T. are based on the skeleton, bringing our bodies back into neutral alignment, and working from our strongest muscles – the postural muscles – so we use strength, yet feel more space & lightness, creating ease in our everyday life.

Everyone can benefit from Therapeutic Yoga – beginners, seniors, advanced, those with injuries, back or joint issues, even athletes looking to improve their performance. We all develop preferences in our posture and movement patterns, resulting in the body consciously or subconsciously making compensations that over time will result in discomfort, reduced range of motion, strain, pain and/or injury.

What does all this mean? Therapeutic yoga can improve range of motion/flexibility, relieve chronic pain and repetitive strain injuries. It is also beneficial for variety of back, neck, shoulder, and hip issues, and develops more efficient movement patterns.

OM Shanti

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Service Details

“Yoga with Corinna” currently offers Therapeutic Yoga as well as an All Natural Product Line, (chemical free) scented with pure essential oils.

Whether private, semi-private, or small classes, my goal is to guide students to greater self-awareness, focus, and health.

You can count on my full attention, dedication and assistance to your practice. Yoga was originally meant to be taught one-on-one because every body and mind is different. I will get to know you, your body, and your goals. Critical Alignment(TM) Therapy have a strong emphasis on the spine, postural muscles, and building more efficient movement patterns working towards a pain free life.

Why Yoga?

* Stress Relief

* Pain Relief

* Better Breathing

* Flexibility

* Increased Strength

* Improved Circulation

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