Spiritual healers by type

  • Astrology

    Astrology is the understanding that something born in a specific moment of time encompasses qualities of that moment in time.

  • Aura Soma

    Aura Soma is a key to your own consciousness, giving insight to what is resonating spiritually and helping you to become more aware.

  • Biodanza

    Biodanza uses the power of music, movement, emotions and group dynamics to provide insight, positivity and fun.

  • Chakra Balancing

    Chakra Balancing involves balancing of the 7 main energy centres of the body. Chakra Balancing removes energy blockages to centre you and improve your spiritual well being.

  • Channelling

    Channelling involves communication with a being or energy outside of you, in a higher dimension or within a deep part of yourself.

  • Clairvoyants

    Clairvoyants hold the ability to gain information in the form of visions, images and pictures about people and objects.

  • Crystal Healing

    Crystal Healing is an alternative medicine and spiritual technique that employs stones and crystals as healing tools.

  • Energy Healing

    Energy healing is a safe, accessible and organic form of healing which moves unwanted energy out of your energetic space.

  • Feng Shui

    Feng Shui means 'Wind and Water' and is an art and science based around the practice of placement, arrangement and enhancement of objects in order to achieve harmony with your environment.

  • Mediums

    Mediums are people who have a connection to the sprit world. They are known as intermediaries between the physical and the spiritual world.

  • Numerology

    Numerology is based on the concept of numbers as a metaphysical power. Numerologists help you to understand the meanings of the numbers in your life.

  • Palmistry

    Palmistry is a method of predicting the future by reading the marks on the palm of the hand.

  • Past Life Regression

    Past Life Regression is a healing technique where the practitioner guides you with the use of hypnosis to unlock memories from your past lives.

  • Pranic Healing

    Pranic Healing is a form of alternative and spiritual medicine that helps the prana, or life force of the body to heal itself.

  • Radionics

    Radionics is a process of using electronic instrumentation to measure the subtle energy fields within the body and to balance any energy fields that are found to be unbalanced.

  • Reconnective Healing

    Reconnective Healing is an energy healing technique that is gentle and non invasive, helping to reconnect you to the fullness of the universe.

  • Reiki

    Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes health and wellbeing. It works with your energy field on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

  • Shamanism

    Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that gives a connection and communication with the spiritual world.

  • Spiritual Healing

    Spiritual healing practitioners can channel energy to a person either with or without touch. The sensation is often described as a feeling of heat or warmth.

  • Tarot

    Tarot uses a selection of symbolic cards that provide insight into your own personal journey. Reading of tarot cards gives you insight and helps connect you to your spiritual self.

  • Theta Healing

    Theta Healing works by accessing your subconscious mind and clearing away obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

  • Thought Field Therapy

    Thought Field Therapy is designed to aid in overcoming limiting thoughts, fears and phobias by the tapping of specific meridian points.

  • Vibrational Therapy

    Vibrational Therapy works with your body's own vibrational frequencies to return it to a natural state of harmony.