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About Suzanne Cholette

Now, naturally let the human being that you are called to be , simply SHINE. You are suppose to be: a Vibrant, Exuberant, Joyful , Resourceful, Loving and Authentic human being.

Now you can Live the life you always wanted to and without limitations, fears or doubts:

There is nothing wrong with you, you are perfect just the way you are, deep inside of you!

ABUNDANT POSSIBILITIES – REALIZE EASILY NEW GOALS: - new or improved jobs, anything regarding public speaking, plan and go on your dream trip, bring back the wellness in your body,

BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: enhance your connection to your significant other or get started on meeting now this special someone,

NEW HEALTH: optimize your wellness in your body, mind and soul and be pain free!

Once you start meeting with me now, you can naturally experience the unlimited desires, wishes and dreams, you have for your Life! The sky is the limit!!

Service Details

Life Coaching:Coaching is for me a process in which an individual, or a couple, gets support while learning to achieve a specific goal or goals. I am always so enthusiastic and touched to see the journey of life that my clients experiment towards the realization of their unlimited possibilities as human beings. Coaching can be conducted (from around the world!) via Skype, by telephone or in person.

I am a coach that guides, but with your solutions, your ideas and your most precious desires for your life! In order to achieve this, I use the process EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that uses the meridians just like Shiatsu. We work on 3 levels with these tools: the physical, the mental and the emotional that works to target once and for all the subconscious mind, this part of us that tends to want to take control of our reactions, our words and even our gestures.

EFT session alone:EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques) will, easily and within minutes or a few hours, remove completely, basically, anything that is in the way of promoting your true and authentic self. EFT sessions can be conducted (from around the world!) via Skype, by telephone or in person.

EFT is also so very powerful to destroy in a few minutes or hours, our survival patterns that sabotages our lives repeatedly. These patterns may have saved our life at one point. Now they no longer are positive and our brain is so used to function with them and it feels very safe to do so; that we are unable to stop repeating a negative consequence by using them. We can sabotage relationships, work opportunities, even how we love ourselves….!!!

Shiatsu:Shiatsu is a massage technique of Japanese origin that utilizes the touch to restore the vital energy circulation, in the areas in the body where it is in need or in excess.

It is practiced by applying a pressure more or less strong with the thumbs and the fingers, but also with the palms, the fists, the elbows, the knees and even the feet, on specific points, situated on the meridian lines and governing an organ or a specific function.

According to the issue at hand, I will use different techniques (kneading, joint rotation, stretching and vibration) to eliminate the blockages, stimulate the weak points and activate the naturals auto-healing forces. It is based on the Yin – Yang theory, the 2 energy hubs, that are at the same times opposed and similar.

Reflexology:Acting in a preventive and healing manner, reflexology on the feet helps our human bodies to restore its capacity of auto-healing. It is a natural art of healing based on the principle that in our feet, we have reflex points that corresponds to parts, glands and organs of our body. These reflex points are the « reflection » of the regions in our body. The physical image of the body is reproduced on the feet in a logic manner that respects the anatomy.

Thanks to the pressure applied on the nerves endings of the reflex points on the feet (we have 7200 nerves ending in each foot) we can benefit of numerous results from reflexology :

Reflexology supports all systems of the body
Improves the digestive, reproductive, respiratory, lymphatic, immune and endocrine systems.
Helps the body to function at optimum levels and helps prevent illness.
Reflexology supports the body's own ability to correct and heal itself.
Relaxes and releases tensions;
Improves the blood circulation and nervous impulse;
Stimulates the appetite and improves the sleep quality;
Encourages the treatment and the elimination of residues and toxins in our bodies;
It is used for many reasons, here is a list of a few of them:

Migraine headaches
Constipation and Digestive disorders
Sinus issues
Circulatory problems
Glandular and Endocrine issues
Joint and muscle pain and stiffness
Stress and anxiety
Hormonal balance and pregnancy

Qualifications Details

Certified Life Coach : CCF (Certified Coaches Federation)

Certified Shiatsu therapist: Kine-Concept Institute

EFT Practitioner: Studied with Gary Craig and through ACEP (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology) was coached by Tina Craig.

Reflexology:Certified by the Reflexology Association of Canada.

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